The following section illustrates the significant role TFC evaporators play in many of the today’s custom refrigeration applications.

Blast Freezers
One of the most widely used freezing methods in the refrigeration industry is Blast Freezing. In a Blast Freezer high velocity refrigerated cold air, typically at -30 to –40 F (-34 ºC to -40 ºC), is blown over palleted / racked product. EVAPCO’s TFC Blast Units can be found in hundreds of Blast Freezers worldwide.


Spiral Freezers
Another popular form of freezing is Spiral Freezing. In Spiral Freezers fresh product is placed on a conveyor belt and circulated through a freezer. High Velocity Refrigerated Air is blown over the products gradually freezing the product over a desired time span (typically 1/2 to 2 hours). As a result of its unparalleled success, EVAPCO has come to be known as the standard Spiral Freezer Coil provider to the world’s leading Spiral Freezer Manufacturers.

IQF & VRT Tunnel Freezers
IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) Tunnel Freezers are typically used in freezing vegetables. In this application, high velocity refrigerated air is blown upward through a conveyor belt rapidly freezing each product. TFC units have proven time and time again, they are more than capable of meeting IQF Tunnel Freezer demands.

Low Profile Units
In many of today’s process rooms, a limited amount of available space is allocated to refrigeration equipment. Because of these restrictions, EVAPCO developed Low Profile units, which are designed to meet the most stringent of height limitations while also capable of handling the required refrigeration load.