The LSTA Cooling Tower product line is highly efficient design constructed for long life and minimum maintenance. It is the ideal choice for forced draft replacement applications, low sound and indoor installations. The LSTA engineered design features are described below.

Principle of Operation
Warm water from the heat source is pumped to the water distribution system at the top of the tower. The water is distributed over the wet deck fill by means of large orifice nozzles. Simultaneously, air is drawn in by the centrifugal fans inside the fan and drive enclosure and directed upward into the fill casing opposite the water flow. A small portion of the water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is discharged to the atmosphere while the cooled water drains to the basin at the bottom of the tower and is returned to the heat source. The directional air discharge of the LSTA design and the distance between the discharge air and the fan intake reduce the chance of air recirculation since the warm humid air is directed up and away from the unit. For detailed layout information, please consult EVAPCO’S Equipment Layout Guidelines.

Efficient Drift Eliminators
The final element in the upper part of the cooling tower are moisture eliminators which strip the entrained water droplets from the leaving air stream. EVAPCO’s patented eliminator insures that drift loss will be minimized. The eliminators are approximately 5" deep (127mm) , spaced on 1" (25,4mm) centers. They incorporate a hooked leaving edge designed to direct the discharge air stream away from the fans to help eliminate recirculation of hot, saturated air back into the fan inlets.

The air discharge side of the cooling tower is the most corrosive and most difficult area to clean and refinish. To provide the greatest protection in this area, the drift eliminators are made of inert polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The PVC material will effectively eliminate corrosion of this vital components and is specially treated to resist ultraviolet light.

The eliminators are assembled in easily handled sections to facilitate removal. This will expose the entire upper portion of the unit and water distribution system for periodic inspection.

Patented* EVAPAK® Fill
The patented EVAPAK® fill design used in the LSTA Cooling Tower is specially designed to induce highly turbulent mixing of the air and water for superior heat transfer. Special drainage tips allow high water loadings without excessive pressure drop. The fill is constructed of inert polyvinyl chloride, (PVC). It will not rot or decay and is formulated to withstand water temperatures of 130ºF (54,4ºC). Because of the unique way in which the crossfluted sheets are bonded together, and the bottom support of the fill section, the structural integrity of the fill is greatly enhanced, making the fill usable as a working platform. The fill selected for the AT Cooling Tower has excellent fire resistant qualities. AT Cooling Tower fill has a flame spread rating of 5 per ASTM-E84-81a. A higher temperature fill is available for water temperatures exceeding 130ºF (54,4ºC). Consult your EVAPCO representative for further details. *U.S. Patent No. 5,124,087

Low Sound Design
Centrifugal fan units provide an inherently low noise characteristic which makes this design preferred for most installations that require low sound levels. The sound they produce is predominantly in the high frequencies which is easily attenuated by building walls, windows, and natural barriers. Additionally, since the sound from the fans is directional, single sided air entry models can be turned away from critical areas avoiding a sound problem. When even quieter operation is necessary, centrifugal fan models can be equipped with optional sound attenuation packages. Consult the factory for details.

Pressurized Water Distribution System
The water distribution system is made of schedule 40 PVC pipe and ABS plastic water diffusers for corrosion protection in this key area. The piping is easily removable for cleaning. The water diffusers have a minimum opening of 3/8 by 1 inch (9,5 mm by 25,4 mm) and are practically impossible to clog. They also have an anti-sludge ring extending into the headers to prevent sediment from building up in the diffuser opening. The spray pressure for all LSTA Cooling Towers is between 1 and 6 psig (6,9 and 42 kPa) at the inlet header. The actual spray pressure will be shown on the certified drawings which are prepared for each unit.

Forged Bearing Journal
The fan shafts used on all LSTA models are standard with forged bearing journals. Other brands may use a two-piece fan shaft with welded end journals that is susceptible to rusting and eventual failure. The solid forged design of the LSTA fan shaft provides durable long-lasting operation, free from premature mechanical failure.

Fast, On-Time Shipments
The LSTA is a completely factory assembled cooling tower manufactured by a dedicated professional workforce, expert in building cooling towers. Factory trained mechanics and EVAPCO's strict quality control and inspection procedures guarantee the quality of every unit shipped.

EVAPCO's controlled factory environment ensures fast on-time shipments, allowing the LSTA to be available WHEN THE CUSTOMER WANTS IT!